Slot game is one of the most popular casino games. This is for quite a number of reasons. To begin with; the game of slot is one of the most interesting games that a player can play in a casino. However, casino slot are quite a number and there are different types which a player can choose to play. Normally, the three reel classic slot machines are quite simple and basic. These machines offer up to a maximum of five pay lines as well as the line payouts. Apart from these, there are no additional features that the players may be looking forward to play. Due to these limitations, the software developers of these games have come up with additional features in order to make the game more interesting and realistic when playing. The additional features that have been incorporated into these new slot machines are such us bonus games as well as progressive slots. Playtech being one of the leading software production companies has also not been left behind. Playtech has three such games with additional features that will bring out the thrill in the game and you will definitely enjoy every minute of playing game. These games are: Magic slots, Safecracker and Alchemist’s Lab. You can enjoy any of these very exciting games at Casino Tropez, Golden Palace or Omni Casino.

Here we are going to do an analysis of these Playtech slot games. To begin with it is very important for the player to fully understand the Alchemist’s Lab game before they can venture in the game. The game is set in alchemist’s lab bench. The payout table is displayed across the screen. Just like a real laboratory, there are flasks and test tubes which have colored liquids which may be rightly assumed to be chemicals. This game has a single pay line but the players have the liberty to wager up to a maximum of three coins. There are also gold coins symbols which award 3,000, 6,000 and 10,000 coins for one coin. The chemical flasks can be emptied in the cauldron and the payout in this case depends on the amount of gold made.

The other game which is the magic slot offers a single pay line with three reels. This game is very much similar to Alchemist’s lab when it comes to display. The only difference is that the graphics of magic slot are magic related as opposed to those of Alchemist’s lab which is based on a lab. The symbols in this game are the wand, ring, dice gloves and the magician’s hat. This game is also very interesting and in order for the players to hit the progressive jackpot, they must get three magician hat symbols as well as wager three coins.

Safecracker is another Playtech slot game that is very popular. In fact this game is the most popular among the three slot games. The game also has a single pay line and the theme of the game is bank robbery. Just as the theme suggests, the symbols expected in the game include safe, dynamite a drill and a crowbar. In this game, the highest paying symbol is the cash. It is a lot of fun to play this game and every player would be advised to have a shot on it.

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