One of the integral parts of online casinos is choosing the payment options. The player cannot be allowed to gamble before they have chosen the appropriate payment option and made the deposits. Moreover, these payment options are still very vital when it comes to withdrawing bonuses and wins that the player has made. Many online casinos offer a number of withdrawal options; however, the player is only allowed to use one. This therefore prompts the player to make a very wise decision when it comes to choosing the payment options. Furthermore, the player cannot change the payment options at will once they have chosen one. This will involve a very long process that will also involve the online casino. Here we are going to look at the various payment options and help you decide on the best payment option that you will prefer to use real money blackjack.

To start with, we must know that there are four main methods of payment options. However, under these four options there are other options that the player might be able to choose from. Nonetheless, the four main options that you have are to use credit cards, bank transfers prepaid vouchers or electronic wallets with

Bank transfers are quite easy and straight forward. This involves the player transferring funds from their own account to the bank account of the online casino. This is can be done manually where you can deliver a cheque from your bank to the online casino or you may authorize the transfer of money from your account to that of the online casino through online banking. However, bank transfers have their own short comings and are not the best to use. First of all, bank transfers are very slow and they may take as long as ten days to be completed. This way the player is greatly disadvantaged and they cannot gamble at will in their own free time.

The other option is the use of credit and debit cards. These are the most common methods used to fund online casinos by online gamblers. This is because this method is very efficient and fast. The player doesn’t have to go through unnecessary disturbances in order to make a deposit or withdrawal from the online casinos. Again, the transactions are instant and there are no delays or inconveniences of any kind. However, credit cards also do have their own limitations. First of all you may find that some credit cards companies do not allow online casinos to deposit funds into the credit cards and hence the player can only receive his winnings through cheque. Another problem is that it is quite tedious to go through the process of registering your credit card with your online casino in order for it to be accepted for use. Thus, first time online gamblers will find this not very friendly.

Electronic wallets are another option for online casino gamblers. This is even more convenient than credit cards. The player only needs to open an account with an electronic wallet provider and they can fund that account through bank transfers or even using credit and debit cards. Once you have funded your electronic wallet account; you can fund any online casino that you want. The only disadvantage with this payment method is that the transfer of funds from the electronic wallet to the online casino might incur charges. Electronic wallets are also not accepted in some countries such as the US.

The most recent option is to use prepaid vouchers. You can purchase these vouchers from any dealer or even purchase it online. This is a new trend that is quickly being adopted by many across the world. This is because there is nothing to do with the bank and is very convenient.